Two Tall Men

Two minds creates more disturbing material…
Every video below is made by Søren Bang Clemmensen and I. Together we are ‘Two Tall Men’
We both write, direct, film and edit the films.
Many of them is made with help from our friends.
We hope to work with you soon!

Project: Sicknature – Chemical Disorder music video
Client: Sicknature/Goon Musick
Skills used: Filming, editing(FCP X), directing, lighting
A trippy video focusing on the difference between legal and illegal drugs. We used a lot of props here to create the world we wanted. This video shows that you create a lot, just using your surroundings. Plus we got to work with worms and salat…

Project: Brun feat. Illusionisten – Gamle ven music video
Client: Brun
Skills used: Filming, editing(FCP 7), directing, lighting
We put a lot of work into the story to this film. Using our favorite DSLR’s we shot this video in three days with a combo of sliders, jibs and drones to help us. Notice the final shot, using a drone and the GoPro Hero3, how two birds rise over the rooftops. I love that shot! Fun fact: When he is drinking whiskey…he is actually doing that.

Project: Tudsegammelt – På landet music video
Client: Tudsegammelt/Echo Out
Skills used: Filming, editing(FCP 7), directing, lighting
This video shows of Copenhagen in all its beauty. Sunny weather, smiling people and a great track to enjoy it all to. Its so great to do this kind of shoot, where you walk around the city meeting people. And we got to work once again with the talented Lars Pank.

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